New Online Access-Troubleshooting

Members can use this as a reference if they are having problems with the New Online Access. If you are unable to solve the issue, contact any of our branches.

I can't sign in using my member number? Why?
As of December 16, 2009, ICCU upgraded our Online Access System. In order to sign in, you need to enroll. On the Home Page, click on Sign Up Now and follow the directions on the page.

I forgot my Logon ID. Can ICCU tell me what it is?
Yes, contact any branch to verify your Logon ID. You will be asked some security questions by the ICCU staff to verify your identity.

I am locked out. Can ICCU reset me and provide me with a new security code (password)?
No, we can not reset your security code. You will need to click on the Click Here link found on the Logon page. You will receive an email within 10-15 minutes with your new security code.

I have signed in my membership, but the balances are not showing up. Why?
There can be a few reasons for this. If ICCU's system is down, the Online Access will not have balances. If this is the case, we will be working to remedy the issue as soon as possible. Another possible reason is that ICCU is doing the End of Month/Year database. The system will be down for approximately 5 hours after the close of business.

I have a joint owner on my membership. Will they need my Logon ID and security code or do they create their own?
Joint owners will create their own Logon ID and security code. An example of this is Bob and Mary are joint owners on a membership; Bob will have his own unique Logon ID and Mary will have her own unique Logon ID.

I am signed in, but I can not see one of my accounts (such as a club account or checking account). How can I fix this so I can see the account?
Under the Self Service tab, click on Accounts list. The missing account should show up here. If it does, click on the account and put a check mark in the "Display This Account" box. You should now be able to go back to the Overview tab and view the account. If you are still unable to see this, please contact ICCU for help.

When I am enrolling in the New Online Access System, I get an error when I put in my address. Why?
Contact ICCU to verify that your current address matches the address we have on our system. It is very important to update your address and phone number when a change has occurred.

I am trying to enroll, but I keep get an error saying that my Logon ID is not unique. Why?
Contact ICCU. You may already have created a Logon ID (or a joint owner on your account might have enrolled). You can only enroll once, so the initial Logon ID you set up will stay the same.

I am trying to enroll and it is asking for a PIN. What is this?
The PIN number that it is requesting is your Teller 4500 PIN. If you have never used Teller 4500, the PIN will be the last four digits of the Primary Owner's Social Security Number. ICCU can update PIN numbers, so if you are still having a problem signing in, please call any one of our branches for assistance.


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